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Monday, August 2, 2010

Location of the Thirukadiyur Temple

Sri Amirtha kadesvarar temple is located in Thirukadiyur, which is near Mayiladuthurai in Nagappatinam district, in the state of Tamilnadu, India. It is around twenty kilometers from Mayiladuthurai. It is situated in the chidambaram- Nagappatinam East Coast Road.

Age for Shanti

Ukradha Santhi
the age 59 to 60
Sashtiyaptha poorthy
the age 60 to 60
Bhimaradha shaanthi homam
the age 70 to 75
the age 80 to 85

Details of Homam

Sri Ganapathy Homam
Navagraka Homam
Mirthunjya Homam
Ayul Homam
Thanvandhiri Homam
Durga Homam
Ashta Lakshmi Homam
Sudharshana Homam
Maha Vishnu Homam
Kudumba Sagitha


Sashtiaapdapoorthi (known also as "Sashti Aapda Poorthi" or "Sashti Poorthi") is celebrated on completion of 60 years of married life by the living couple. Having devoted to the service of God, built and retained the family ties with a bond of constant relationships, this is a best time to celebrate at this phase of life. This is considered more ideal to set an example to their own family and society. This celebration is usually organized by the couple’s children, younger siblings and grand children. In addition to various poojas, part of the wedding ceremony is re-enacted. The couple that is celebrating Vivaha Shastyabdi are given blessings from elders who have themselves already celebrated such events. The best belief is that Vivaha Shastyabdi couple blesses all those participating / witnessing persons that too the younger than the Vivaha Shastyabdi couple.

If it is a very simple ceremony performing "Ayush Homam is a must. The other Homams that can be included are, Navagraha homam ( praying to all planets for the well-being), Dhanvanthri homam ( praying for good health) and Mrithyunjaya homam ( praying for longevity).

The next higher step is to have Rudra Ekadashi if you are followers of Lord Shiva. The sanctified water is done abhishekam for the couple, followed generally by a “Dhampadi pujai”. This needs Purohits who are well qualified to chant Rudram & Chamakam. Over & above, poor-feeding, making donations for worthy causes, creating endowments can all be done - these are more social than religious. Please contact your pandit for more religious formalities.

You can also perform Sashti Poorthi at Thirukkadaiyoor. The presiding deity there is Amritha Ghateswara ( nectar lingam) who protected Markandeya from Death.

Sri AmirthagadeswaraSwamy Temple, Thirukadiyur